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Buying precious metals

Old English family goldsmiths business J.Blundell and Sons has been in the jewellery industry for nearly 200 years. The company emphasis has just recently changed to precious metals buying. Moving away from sheet, wire and findings. Here at J Blundell & Sons we offer short-term pawnbroking loans. Enabling you to raise cash secured against your gold and precious metal items.

Loans against jewellery

Our trained staff will offer you a loan against jewellery based on the value of the item. We clearly explain the pawnbroking interest rate and repayment terms. If you agree to the terms, we will hand over the cash straight away, and keep your valuable jewellery safely stored away. Payback the agreed amount anytime within 6 months, and we will hand your item(s) straight back to you.

A positive pawnbroking experience

As always, we will continue supplying the same outstanding service ensuring a truly positive customer experience. The company emphasis has just recently changed to precious metals buying, moving away from sheet, wire and findings. We buy scrap gold, scrap platinum old jewellery and pay cash for gold. We offer loans against gold any carat, old broken gold Jewellery, scrap gold,  gold Coins, gold bars, silver and platinum.

Jewellery buy back fee

If you decide you want your items back, just pop back within 28 days. We will buy it back at the original transaction price, plus the Buy Back fee. You can also apply online, please visit our online registration page.