Hirschfelds Ltd.

Exceptionally fine jewellery

7 Bleeding Heart Yard Hatton Garden London EC1N 8SJ Monday to Friday, 8.00am - 5.00pm

Remodelling of old jewellery

Platinum jewellery and gold jewelry restoration. Jewellery remaking. Remodelling of old jewellery alterations 18ct gold re-modelling. Resizing Platinum rings, gold rings & silver. Jewellery repairs Hirschfelds fully equipped in house jewellery repair department & on site traditional jewellery workshop London, for quality jewellery and repairs since 1875 includes:  London Custom made jewellery designs & rings bespoke jewellery wedding rings created in Platinum and 18ct gold, 18k, 750, 9ct, 375. 

Hand made diamond rings

Hand made jewellery and hand made rings. Jewelry Diamond mounting and diamond remounting.  Jewellery mounting. Ring mounts.  Diamond repair, diamond repairs, chipped diamond repair, diamond re-polishing and diamond polishing & re-furbishing.  Rough polishing  Repairing diamonds, Repairing chipped diamonds, Repair damaged diamond Repolishing broken diamonds, Re-polishing burnt diamonds.  Diamond setting, Diamond cleaning and jewellery cleaning. Ring cleaning, adjustments for fitting for size & measurement. 

Replacing missing diamond

Diamond sourcing and diamond matching for replacement of lost diamonds. Replacing missing diamonds. Replacement diamonds.  Jewellery repairs London, Jewellery repair, jewellery restoration, jewelry repair & jewelry repairs. Platinum jewellery and gold jewelry restoration.  Jewellery remaking. Remodelling of old jewellery alterations 18ct gold re-modelling. Remodelling Platinum.  Enamel repair Jewellery enamelling & jewellery re-enamelling. Ring enamelling and ring re-enameling.  Our enamelist produces amazing results!  Jewellery rhodium plating, jewellery plating, jewellery re-plating, jewellery gilding, jewellery gold plating platium Jewellery polishing cleaning.

Antique jewellery settings are available

Antique jewelry repair & antique jewellery restoration. Some antique settings are available. Vintage jewellery repair, Vintage ring repair & restoration. Jewelry remounting. Victorian jewellery repair Gold ring.  Diamond ring repair. Engagement Ring repair and ring restoration Gold Ring repairs. Platinum ring repairs.  Platinum repair, 22ct gold repairs, 18ct gold repairs. 14ct repairs, 9ct repairs. 916, 750, 625, 585, 375, Sterling Silver Repairs.