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Jewellery tools and Equipment

Materials, Tools and Equipment for Jewellers, Silversmiths, Watch & Clock Repairers. Manufacturers of Clocks. Tools for goldsmiths, hobbyists, dentists, antique dealers, repairers of musical instruments, model makers.

Jewellery tools in stock

We stock earring fittings, silks and Softflex threads, wires, pliers, stakes, doming punches, pickle tanks, saw frames, milling units, cutters, shears, diamond display sets, Selvyt cloths, lamps, optivisors, loupes, tongs, microwelds, Orion welding machines, microflames, soldering equipment, kilns, safety equipment, compressors, pendant motors, barrelling media, dustmaster, mops, finishing accessories,

All types of jewellery equipment

Busch burrs, pearl drilling machines, lathes, chemicals, rhodium plating machines, electroforming, engraving machines, casting equipment, furnaces, precious metal clay, Moebius oils, screwdrivers, tweezers, Witschi products, Horotec dies, Bergeon products, Elma Cyclomat, watch winders, broaches, clockmakers tools, ear piercing equipment, Hagerty cleaning products, Polywatch, commercial clocks, hands, dials, display domes, bushes, tool kits, watch glasses, LED clocks, LCD clocks, calendar clocks, turret clocks.

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