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Fully trained jewellery valuer

Valueing purchased jewellery, you should always try to obtain a certificate for your bought jewellery. It should state the full value of your piece of jewellery, in case you need to prove this in the event of an insurance claim in future. At Hatton Jewels, our professional, fully trained jewellery valuer provides valuations for all items we sell and can also value your existing diamond ring, for example, if you need an up to date valuation or are looking to have antique jewellery valued.

Complete jewellery valuations

We aim to complete jewellery valuations within one day for one piece of jewellery. We can usually turn this around in two to three hours. Up to five pieces can be assessed in 24 - 48 hours subject to availability.

Cost of jewellery valuation

A flat fee of just £50 is charged for up to 5 pieces of jewellery submitted, plus 1% of the total of the valuation for the complete service. This 1% applies to the first £20,000, values beyond this figure will be subject to a 0.5% charge and added. If you have more than 1 item and need your valuation completed within one working day there is an additional fee of £50.

Antique jewellery valuation

If you are in possession of treasured, unique wedding ring, which have been handed down through your family, you might not be aware of how much these pieces are worth. This is why it’s a good idea to have your jewellery professionally valued – antique jewellery could be worth more than you might think!

Our jewellery valuation service

We are happy to offer a valuation service for fine, vintage and antique jewellery as well as natural and coloured pearls, diamonds and gemstones, and we’re the UK’s leading experts, with more than 40 years’ experience in the jewellery industry. Our Hatton Garden boutique is the perfect place to visit, whether you’re looking to purchase jewellery or simply have existing pieces valued. We also offer a buying in service, which is often more convenient for our customers than selling jewellery at an auction house.

Qualified gemologists advice

With our expert team of staff including qualified gemologists, Hatton Jewels are members of the National Association Of Jewellers, so you can trust us to offer you a reliable and competitive valuation for your precious jewellery.