Laser Engraving Service

Cutting and Engraving Business

L&S Design, Unit 25, Arundal House, Kirby Street, London EC1N 8TE Monday - Friday | 10am to 6.30pm

Affordable laser cutting and engraving

Laser Engraving Service, we are a friendly family business offering affordable laser cutting and engraving in London's historical jewelry district, Hatton Garden. Working with a wide range of industries, we are continually looking for innovative ways to improve our skill set within our craft. We believe in going above and beyond for all our customers - If we can, we will! 

Engraving precious metals

At Laser Engraving Service we are able to cut and engraving a wide range of materials from intricately such as metals (precious and non-precious) stone, marble, softwoods, veneers, acrylic, perspex, acrylic, leathers, card, paper, foam, rubber, felt, lino, cork, vinyl and a wide range of fabrics.

Metal Cutting and Engraving 

Cutting and engraving intricate details pieces: Be as creative as you want - our laser engraving service can cope with almost anything. Speak to one of the team and we can advise accordingly.  

Glass Engraving and Cutting 

Wine or shot glassware, beer mugs, champagne flutes, glass plates, vases, jars, and bottles, personalised glass gifts, glass awards, mirrors. If we can we will! With our rotary engraving attachment, we can engrave around spherical objects and bottles. With our WaterJet Cutting Machine, we are also able to cut glass. 

Stone Engraving and Cutting

We can engrave and cut a variety of different stone types opening up many various opportunities for creating beautiful products. With our WaterJet Cutting machine, we can cut and engrave intricate details pieces out of rock in all shapes and sizes. 

Acrylic Laser Cutting and Engraving 

Laser cutting and engraving acrylic sheets, and other plastic products up to 12mm in thickness with precision. We also have a wide range of materials on site. 

Wood Engraving and Cutting 

From knife handles to photo frames to signs, Whether you are working with MDF, Plywood, Natural wood, Plywood, Precious woods, Solid wood or Cork & Veneers you can cut & engrave amazingly intricate images & designs with our Laser Engraving Machine.