Melting a gold bar
Melting the gold bar

Making your own wedding band

Wedding bands made together is a memorable milestone event by making your own wedding bands. The most rewarding experience you will always remember and cherish for the rest of your life. We will dedicate our workshop for the day and under the expert guidance of our in house goldsmiths. Where you will transform a piece of precious metal into your dream wedding bands. Starting with melting and rolling the metal and filing it into shape, make your wedding ring from start to finish. Our goldsmiths will ensure the high standards and quality of materials.  Should you want any extras, we can have our in house diamond setter to add diamonds to your wedding band. We can also engrave a personal message on the inside of the rings, or add a special finish to the outside.


rolled precious metal bar
Rolled precious metal bar

Choosing your wedding bands

The first stage will be for you to book an appointment to choose what you and your partner. To find out what you would like your wedding bands to look like. You will be shown our wide range of choices, which will we help you narrow down the perfect band for you. During this time we will take your finger ring size, to make sure that it is the correct size. We will take you through all the different options to find the perfect fit for you. We then look at the style and size of your rings before we can provide an accurate quotation. You will sit down with our head goldsmith, who will help you work out a plan. What both your needs are to achieve your completed wedding bands. Some couples choose to make their own bands, others chose to make the band for their partner.


The wedding band is now shaped
The wedding band is now shaped

Make your own bespoke wedding rings

Making bespoke wedding rings doesn’t need experience. Our experienced goldsmiths take you through the process step by step, in the comfort of our workshop. The wedding ring workshop will be yours for the whole ring making process. It is a unique experience to share as a couple, making the rings that represent your bond and love for each other. We are enthusiastic to be a part of creating your wedding rings. Once made your rings will be sent off securely to be officially hallmarked and will be returned to you after being hallmarked. The wedding rings will be kept in ring boxes to keep them safe and secure until your wedding day. If you would like to discuss coming in together or come on your own to make it a romantic surprise for your partner to be. All you need is their ring size and any other special design requirements.


polished wedding band
The polished wedding band

The cost of making your own wedding rings

The price of making your wedding rings will depend on their final weight in grams. There is a flat fee of £250 per person, which will be added to the price of the metal used in the ring. The choice of precious metals used will also determine the cost of your wedding rings. Do you want to find out more about how creating your own wedding rings experience works? Call to get a no-obligation quotation, or book an appointment to visit us in the workshop. You can choose the style of the bands you want to make, measure your finger sizes and get an accurate quotation. The experience of making the perfect wedding ring for your partner with this unique experience. You will greatly enjoy the opportunity to create your own personalised handmade wedding bands.

Post and images supplied by Daniel Christopher Jewellery in Hatton Garden London EC1N.

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Date: 25th April 2019
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