Nicholas James, one of Hatton Garden’s premier jewellery stores, is launching a revolutionary new website. The site, according to the company’s founder, will “be unlike any jewellery websites out there.”

Nick Fitch, the designer behind the brand, said “We are launching a cutting edge new website taking advantage of all the latest web technologies…we have now fixed on a concept and if we can pull it off, I would like to think we will be able to steal the digital crown for a week or so at least.”

The website will be used to promote a new collection of jewellery for men, priced to attract a more commercial range of clients, but that’s not all that is in the pipeline – Fitch also revealed plans to develop a range of shoes with leather specialist Harcourt.

“We plan to launch a luxury shoe range if our ideas are transferable from concept to reality. It is not about plonking some diamonds onto a shoe – it is more about the diamonds being an intrinsic part of the structure and design,” he explained.

If you’d like to explore the Nicholas James range for yourself, but can’t wait for the new site to launch, why not pay a visit to their exclusive Hatton Garden store?

Tags: diamonds, Harcourt, jewellery design, jewellery for men, jewellery website, Nicholas James, Nick Fitch, shoe design
Date: 25th September 2012
Author: alister msinth

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