Whether it’s an impulse buy that you’ve only worn a couple of times, a trendy piece from the past which hasn’t dated well, or a gift that didn’t delight, most people have jewellery in their collections that they have fallen out of love with. Rather than letting it languish in a forgotten box or pouch, why not give take it to a pawnbrokers? Pawning your jewellery isn’t just a way to make some quick cash – it also gives someone else the chance to wear and enjoy the pieces that you no longer need.

Here are our top tips for taking your old jewellery to a pawn shop:

• Be prepared – ensure that your jewellery is in the best possible condition when you take it to the store, to show it off to its full potential. Polish your jewellery with a soft cloth and bring as much of its sparkle as possible.

• Be honest – if your necklace has a broken link or your diamond has flaws, don’t try to hide them. The pawnbroker is sure to notice any faults, so being upfront will make you seem trustworthy and make them more inclined to give you a decent offer.

• Be realistic – you’re not going to get as much money back as you originally paid. The jewellery is now older and has been used, so it will decrease in value. However, this is not to say that you shouldn’t a good deal – as long as you choose a reputable pawnbroker, you should get a fair price for your piece.

All of the pawnbrokers in Hatton Garden are members of the National Pawnbrokers Association, and have excellent reputations for fairness and professionalism. If you have jewellery you no longer wear or need, why not pay them a visit and see how much money you could make?

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Date: 16th October 2012
Author: alister msinth

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