A marriage proposal is probably the most nerve wracking rite of passage that any man (or woman!) will ever have to go through, and there’s a lot of preparation required if you really want to make the moment perfect. If you’re ready to pop the question, but don’t know where to start, check out our tips for planning the perfect proposal!

Choose a personal location

Think about all the places you’ve been together – parks, beaches, landmarks – and choose one that holds memories that both of you cherish. Be warned – The Knot.com says that more than half of women do not want their proposal in a restaurant, so unless your usual dinner location is one of her favourite places in the world, choose something a little more original and creative.

Maintain the ‘surprise’ factor

According to another survey from Men’s Health and The Knot.com, 47% of women say that the ‘surprise’ factor is very important in the proposal, so try not to drop any hints or allude to your intentions, even on the day! Taking her completely by surprise will ensure that it’s a moment that she’ll remember for all of the right reasons.

Their parents’ permission

The same Men’s Health survey also revealed that 60% of women think that their man should ask permission from mum and dad before getting down on one knee. Taking this considerate step shows your intentions to truly become a part of her family, and ensures good relations with the in-laws throughout the whole process.

A dazzling ring!

32% of women say that the biggest proposal mistake you can make is not having an engagement ring with you, so unless you’re 100% certain she wants to choose the ring herself, come prepared! Try to choose a ring that suits her style and personality – not every woman wants a diamond solitaire band, and selecting a band that suits her down to the ground will demonstrate just how well you know her, and make her proud to wear it and become your wife.

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Date: 2nd April 2013
Author: alister msinth

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