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His and Hers signet rings.

Stylish masculine or feminine signet rings created individually, either made entirely  in white or yellow  gold and platinum or containing a monogrammed gemstone. Hand made in a choice of designs that will last the test of time in fashion and are offered in various shapes and sizes. We offer traditional styles, like the classic Oxford oval, geometric or cushion form that are all well shaped to mount your chosen gemstone for your traditional crest or family coat of arms. 

Historical family crests.

We will endeavour to source your family tree and coat of arms from our directory of historical family crests. The use of signet emblems originate back to 3500 BC when the Emperors of Mesopotamia who used a cylindrical seal rolled across clay, it was soon adopted by the Pharaoh's of ancient Egypt in the form of a ring they called a faince.  Heming craft signet rings individually hand crafted expressly by hand, all made to order in your required  size that are cast in 9ct or 18ct gold according to the buyers wishes, we are guided by your personal preferences and offer many  illustrations of logo examples to choose from. 

Create your unique signet ring.

Heming utilizes a vast array of skills and techniques with their bespoke requisitions offering detailed design sketches and computer aided designs to create your unique signet ring, cuff link or pendant designs. Traditionally a family crest was a mirrored image formed in the cartouche, however engraved initials, names, words and dates are now applied to be read. 

Artistic signet ring creations.

Contemporary artistic jewellery creations and tattoo inspired designs are now also very popular along with a choice of Lion Crests, Griffin, Wolf, Dragon Crest, Compass Rose, Heraldic Shield, Celtic  designs and Chinese monograms etc. Create your own distinctive engraved masterpiece representing your family's heritage, select from an array of opaque gemstones like cornelian or sardonyx that you will treasure for a lifetime and pass on your heritage as an heirloom. 

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