Laser Engraving Service

Cutting and Engraving Business

L&S Design, Unit 25, Arundal House, Kirby Street, London EC1N 8TE Monday - Friday | 10am to 6.30pm

Waterjet ffordable cutting process

Our WaterJet machine allows us to cut intricate and detailed shapes with minimum material wastage from the cutting process. Metal, stone, glass, plastic, wood and more, our Waterjet cuts material under 1 inch thick with a 12x12 inch cutting area. The process of Waterjet cutting is erosion. Pressurized water mixed with garnet particles streamlined into a powerful cutting tool. This method is not only friendlier to the planet; it allows you to cut a wide range of materials, cleanly, to close tolerances and with a clean, crisp edge. 

Same day quote and cutting service

We know time is precious at Laser Engraving Service, which is why we offer a same day quote and cutting service. We believe in going above and beyond for all our customers - If we can, we will!  Working with a wide range of industries, we are continually looking for innovative ways to improve our skill set within our craft and love a challenge and are only too happy to advise on your projects accordingly. 

WaterJet Cutting Your Designs 

Waterjet cutting is an affordable & fast method of cutting out intricate designs from materials with a thickness of up to 25mm. Our graphic design team is always on hand to offer advice and recommend how to turn your designs into quality finished items. 

Let's get cutting 

Give us a call or drop us an email or why not pop into the studio and speak to one of the team directly. Our website, Instagram and Facebook pages are teaming with inspiration on the types of materials and designs we can cut. We can produce single one-off pieces and larger quantities at affordable, competitive prices.