When you’ve got a favourite piece of jewellery, you probably feel like you never want to take it off! However, there are times when it is advisable to remove your jewellery to keep it in the best possible condition and avoid any damage. If you take your jewellery off during these activities, you give it the best possible chance of sparkling for years to come.


The chlorine in the water of most swimming pools can pit the metal of your jewellery and may cause prongs to weaken over time. Take your jewellery off before swimming and don’t put it back on until you have showered and washed the chemicals from your skin.


Cleaning products such as bleach can affect jewellery in a similar manner to chlorine. They can alter the colour of precious stones and metals, as well as damaging the mountings. It is advisable to remove all jewellery before cleaning, but if you want to keep your wedding or engagement ring on at all times, at least make sure you are wearing sturdy protective gloves.


Although there aren’t any potentially damaging chemicals involved in exercise, jewellers will still recommend that you remove your jewellery during any particularly vigorous or high energy pursuits, to prevent scratching, catching, and other possible flaw creating mishaps.

Spraying perfume

Perfume, and other beauty products such as hairspray, can have a negative effect on the colour of jewellery, making it oxidise and tarnish much more quickly. If you want to spritz your favourite scent and wear your jewels, make sure you allow apply to product and allow it to dry before putting on your precious pieces.

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Date: 23rd October 2012
Author: alister msinth

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